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Health & Safety

Providing safe and clean environments for our guests and colleagues is always a top priority for the Clemson University Conference Center & Inn - even more so today. We remain committed to upholding the highest standards of cleanliness, and want you to feel at ease when you visit our hotel, knowing you'll experience the quality you expect during these uncertain times.

The James F. Martin Inn has implemented the following policies and procedures:

The lobby and front desk area are cleaned and sanitized hourly for guest and visitor safety.

Hand sanitizer and sanitation stations are available throughout the facility.

Room attendants are taking extra precaution by paying special attention to high-touch areas in rooms and throughout the hotel, such as entrance and exit door handles, room door handles, elevator buttons, flat surfaces, switches, and thermostats.

Housekeeping room attendants and staff are up-to-date on all recommended cleaning procedures. Our preferred cleaning products are Lysol, isopropyl alcohol, and EcoLabs. These disinfectants are effective against a broad spectrum of viruses and are EPA registered.

A sanitation door tag is placed on all of the rooms that have been thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and inspected.

In-room TV remotes and guides are sanitized and placed in plastic coverings and sealed with a sanitation sticker.

The workout facility is by appointment only in order to allow guests the option to work out in a properly sanitized environment, and spacing guest appointments out to follow social distancing guidelines.

All in-room air conditioning units are regularly sanitized and serviced in accordance with DHEC regulations. The air conditioning units pull in fresh air and do not recirculate air from indoors, to minimize the chance of carrying viral particles.

For contactless checkout, guests have the option to call the front desk upon departure.

In order to protect the safety and well-being of all, staff member’s temperatures are taken each day at the start of their shift.

Hotel staff are following social distancing guidelines in regards to providing others with 6 feet of space when possible.

Our room attendants and staff will be wearing personal protective equipment when cleaning, and speaking with guests and visitors.